Dresses to Wear to Spruce up Your Spring

Dresses to Wear to Spruce up Your Spring

For those of you who celebrate, Easter is right around the corner and it is starting to really feel like Spring, so it’s time to bring on the dresses! They are truly the easiest way to spruce up your Spring wardrobe all in one garment! We have put together a lookbook of the brightest styles and most exciting trends for Spring in dresses, so take a look!

Florals for Spring…groundbreaking, of course!

Take on Spring full force with the number one nature element of Spring…flowers. These patterns will leave you looking light and airy and keep you in a positive attitude every time you look in the mirror!

Stripes both thin and wide

Whether it’s pin stripes or thicker horizontal stripes, this pattern is a timeless and effortless look for Spring. And ignore the whole horizontal stripe myth, you will look great in any style of stripe you chose!

White Shirt Dresses all the way

White dresses are a great one for work, the weekend or a casual night out. They are a stress free option that will keep you cool during the heat with the right fabric!

Bright Like the Sun

You’ll want to wear the brightest of colors this season. Don’t be afraid to play with ones you don’t normally wear like mustard yellow, teal and even pink!

A little Sheer never hurt

Having a little bit of sheer fabric peek out to show some skin is not a crime and you’ll want some considering the soon arriving heat! This look will give a more delicate approach to a feminine garment.

Go for it and try all the new styles this season and don’t be afraid to try something that is outside what your normal Spring/Summer wardrobe looks like. This season lets explore all the possibilities while enjoying the (hopefully!) amazing season!

And Happy Easter!love


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