How to Wear Denim in the Spring: 5 Trends in Jeans

How to Wear Denim in the Spring: 5 Trends in Jeans

Denim is a fabric that never goes out of style. It is a classic and a must-have in every person’s wardrobe, but how you wear it can and what type of style you wear changes from season to season. This Spring its all about being expressive and free-flowing, so let’s explore what’s hot this season and how to wear your favorite styles!

High-Low Cut-offs

Cut-offs are a great way to change up your pre-existing pair of jeans and give them new life. All you have to do is cut the bottom hem of your pants a few inches higher and leave the back full length. Or you can just find you some of these in our store!


This trend brings a delicate look to a somewhat edgy fabric. There are so many varieties of embroidery added to denim that you could buy 20 pairs that are all different and no one would think you’re outfit repeating!


Wide-leg jeans or flared jeans are the most cooling pair of denim because they give you the most air room and who doesn’t want that? They are also very versatile because they can be dressed up with heels and a blazer or just down with t-shirt and slip-on sneakers.

Sporty Lines

Lines add contrast to one color piece and a solid line on the side is a great way to elongate the leg as well. You can wear these jeans practically with any top and you’ll look sophisticated and unique.


Last but not least we have bleached jeans. These are a lot different than the all bleached a few years back. Sectioned into panels, lines or patches, the bleach creates an interesting contrast that looks excellent with a striped shirt.

Wearing denim is truly the easiest and most satisfying piece of clothing where you don;t have to even think about what bottoms to wear, but try these new trendy styles and see how much they elevate your look. You’ll thank us for all the compliments you get!

Happy Spring!



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