The right lingerie for your chic outfit

The right lingerie for your chic outfit

Selecting the perfect outfit for the day can always hit a snag when you realize you do not have the perfect lingerie! This is every woman’s nightmare, and definitely one I struggled with in the past until I figured out the trick to it. When getting dressed, you have to decide whether to let that bra strap hang out, or whether to wear that chic white ankle pants and let the outline of your lingerie stay visible when you do not have the right lingerie; or haven’t quiet figured out the trick to a seamless look.

I will be sharing my tips on how I conquer this beast for my chic looks.

White & Sheer Blouses

Excluding black sheer tops, which are simple to put together with the use of a black camisole or black bra; a nude bra under a nude camisole, or a nude bra camisole, or nude bra slip (wired or unwired) will always be your best friend for the day. Nude lingerie will always give your outfit a clean, and classy look. With a nude bra slip, or a nude bra camisole; you will have less straps being visible through your sheer or white blouse.

When wear a nude bra under a nude camisole, ensure that 1) the straps of the bra, 2) the straps of the camisole, and 3)the seam line of the camisole and bra at the bosom stay aligned for a seamless look. If you do not have a nude bra, you can get away with using a strapless black bra underneath a nude camisole. I have done this a few times 🙂



Nude Camisole:

Nude Bra Camisole:

Nude Bra:


The White, or Off-White Pants and Shorts

White is always a tricky outfit to wear. However, your savior for the day will be a seamless THONG! Yes, I said it – A nude thong. I can not preach enough about how seamless your behind will look with this choice of lingerie. I know a thong is not a favorite for some women, but it will serve you well when it comes to wearing white pants or shorts. So stock up on a few, one or two in your lingerie drawer will do no harm. Another option would be a seamless nude boy shorts – I know some of you are smiling now. The choice of nude underneath a white outfit, is to blend with your skin tone; which makes it your lingerie invisible and the most effective color for a clean classy look.




Nude Seamless Bikini:

Nude Seamless Boy Shorts:


The Unlined, or Lightly Lined White Skirt and Dress

We all have that one dress or skirt which is not properly lined, and if we wear it as it; we might as well have gone commando! A nude half slip is my go-to lingerie for a white skirt, and a nude strapless bra underneath a nude slip is my choice for white dresses. This would also apply for off-white skirts, and dresses. Nowadays, a slip is rarely mentioned but they always do a good job in providing coverage and confidence for the day  – no oops moments. I remember my mom wore slips almost everyday under her dresses and skirts, even till this day. When I have on a nude half slip , or a nude slip; I have no worries about my lingerie being visible to everyone I walk past. Some women opt for a seamless nude boy shorts (as mentioned above), and this will work as well even for times when it gets breezy outside. I have tried nude boy shorts under by white skirt or dress, but a half slip, or a slip is still my favorite.

I have always tried nude bra slips which mostly come as a shapewear lingerie, but they are the most uncomfortable lingerie to wear as they ride up as you walk or sit. This can be a pain throughout your day because you will need to visit the restroom a lot to pull it back down – trust me I have had one of those days, and it felt like a wardrobe malfunction. If you choose to wear a nude bra with straps underneath a nude slip, ensure that 1) the straps of the bra, 2) the straps of the camisole, and 3)the seam line of the camisole and bra at the bosom stay aligned for a seamless look.


Nude Half-Slip:

Nude Slip:

Image: sussan_mourad

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As I did prior to acquiring all these now helpful nude lingerie, when all else fails; I just throw a jacket (short or long) over my outfit. Give these tips a try, and let me know how it works for you. If you have tried and tested tips of your own, please feel free to share. Happy Friday!!!


Isi Horak

Owner – Arch & Bow


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