About Us

Arch & Bow is a clothing store where style meets individuality. We offer women chic ensembles called “Chic Looks”, and chic pieces to encourage you to dare to be YOU, dare you to be different; dare you to be bold, dare you to look, and feel beautiful in chic looks or chic pieces which bring out your personality.

Each chic piece purchased can also be restyled for a different look to any occasion, because we believe that style is a state of mind not governed by rules.


To empower women to dare to be different, to be strong, and to believe in the beauty of their individuality; irrespective of what fashion states.


Trustin the quality of our products, and services, Creativityto develop chic ensembles and encourage women to explore their inner creativity in mixing pieces and colors for a fabulous daily ensemble, Provide products and services that are affordable and a Value for Money, and be professional and respectful to all clients by providing Excellent Customer Service.